July 18: Introduction to Textual Analysis

Instructors: Sharon Leon, Sheila Brennan, and Resident Instructor Lincoln Mullen




  • Discuss readings
  • Digital History Methods: Close and distant reading through application of text and data mining techniques using corpora of texts to find patterns and to visualize those patterns
  • Hands-on Session: Use Bookworm to search and identify rhetorical trends in literature found in Open Library
  • Demo: Commonalities of all Textual Analysis
    • Finding the right tools for your sources:
      Meaning of words and documents, how do words change over time: Frequency of a term over time; Concordance to a corpus; Named entity recognition; Text reuse; Semantics of documents; Semantics of words.



Extra Material

Zotero Folder – Day 6 – Introduction to Textual Analysis

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