Adding new base layers to Neatline

Wayne Graham, Technical Director for the Council on Library and Information Resources and formerly the Head of Research and Development at the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab (where he was an architect of Neatline), provides a file of additional basemaps at github. These maps can provide alternatives to Google Maps and several cool options for base layers for Neatline maps from major sources like esri.

To add these maps to your Neatline, do the following:

  1. Go to and “Clone or download” the files.
  2. Open your finder and navigate to the “neatline-basemaps-master” file that you just downloaded.
  3. From the “neatline-basemaps-master” file, you want to upload the “providers.js” file into your Omeka install into the following folder: [your omeka install name]/plugins/Neatline.
  4. In your downloads, in the “neatline-basemaps-master” file, find the “layers” folder.
  5. Upload all of the files from this “layers” folder into the following folder in your Omeka install: [your omeka install name]/plugins/Neatline/layers
  6. The new base layers should now appear as options in the Exhibit Settings for Neatline exhibits in your Omeka.

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