Sound Project in my scholarship

A useful sound addition to my website would be to add soundcite notations to a select group of my uploaded adobe files, by producing sound files using Audacity to produce “podcasts” of reading the contents of the historical info contained in the adobe newspaper articles. So in stages, first select which articles I would want visitors to listen to. Next read them into Audacity and create a sound file (mp3) for each article. Upload the mp3s into my media. Then I could either simply identify them within WordPress as sound links, or use SoundCite to more explicitly show them as audio links. For SoundCite, I’d need to embed the java link from SoundCite at the top of each page in which  a sound file would be identified. Then finally I’d embed the code for each sound file at the appropriate spot. I think I’d want to limit these audio files to articles I thought truly important, as they would involve a bit of time developing “podcast” files.


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