Personal Sustainability

I am a serial adopter and abandoner of technology.  I confess.  Blogger, Zotero, Twitter–I have tried them all, employed them with great enthusiasm, and then lost interest.  I hadn’t really realized this before today.  Now, I find myself here, at Doing Digital History 2016, regretting the data I lost and finally ready to commit.  To make a plan.

Today I learned about several tools that will potentially change my relationship to technology as I know it (Tweetdeck and Reclaim Hosting answered questions I had been asking silently for years).  The most essential thing that I take away from today, though, is the importance of crafting a more intentional approach to technology.  This incorporates but reaches beyond Miriam Posner’s solid advice on creating a web presence to building a more coherent presence for technology in my real life.  (This process probably should include assessing why I subconsciously consider my online life “unreal,” but let’s leave that question for tomorrow.)

For right now, the first step forward is to publish this post.  I must confess that I am finding it difficult to push that button and make it publicly visible.  Is the post too chatty?  Have I written something that I will later regret?  Does it have insufficient depth?  I suppose that progress in the intentional use of digital technology is dependent upon actually using digital technology.  Here goes.

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