Doing Digital History 2016

We’ve been very busy today. I created a twitter account, which makes me a twit I suppose. We’ll see how useful it really is. I also created this new domain in Reclaim Hosting and then downloaded the Word Press plug-in to make it more easily usable. I then tried to make it look nearly identical in feel to my existing Word Press domain, which is not a true domain at all. Rather than migrate my existing pages from a site that I will own for nearly another year, I created links in this domain’s menu system to take viewers directly to the other domain. They can only return to this domain by using the “back” button for now. We’ll see if anyone notices. If I have time after homework tonight, I’ll see about adding another post to my other Word Press blog about how to search newspaper websites. I like to keep my blog posts short and clear, so this is enough for my homework assignment tonight.

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