SoundCite Tutorial

Sound embedded with SoundCite in a paragraph of text:

Most history enthusiasts, students, and even scholars know little about the formal properties of music; they lack the knowledge and expertise to make either musical or historical sense of recordings made a century ago. Since they are not trained musicians or musicologists, they cannot hear syncopation, improvisation, (listen) the habanera rhythm , banjo frailing, steel guitar technique, or the specific harmonies used in band arrangements, nor can they assess the significance of these elements. Since they are not specialists in music history, they cannot “hear” the multiple contexts of race, class, gender, and nationality that enabled a given performance and structured the way it was heard at the time.

Try on your own

  1. Go to SoundCite: and Make a Clip.
  2. Paste in a link to Soundcloud:
    or with mp3 on my server and Click “Load”:
  3. Make the clip a little shorter, decide what you want the linked text to say, using the controls provided, and click Create Clip. Keep this browser window open.
  4. In a new browser window, log in to your WordPress blog to test embedding the audio clip. Add a new page.
  5. Once your page is open, be sure to switch the Text view.
  6. Paste the code listed in Section 3, Embedding, in SoundCite, at the top of your page. If you are not in the Text view, this will not save and your audio will not properly embed.
  7. Paste the clip’s embed code from Section 2 you created in SoundCite and paste that into your page, and as well as some other text, to see how it looks.
  8. Save or publish your page to see the results.