Planning a Digital Public History Project

Follow the outline & find worksheets:

Make a copy of these and save them to your Google Drive for use later.

  1. What is the big idea? What are your goals? (worksheet)
  2. Is anyone else doing this? Start an environmental Scan(worksheet)
  3. Identify Audiences and Constituencies (worksheet)
  4. Conduct User Research and Craft Personas (worksheet)
  5. Assess Resources and Content (worksheet)
  6. Developing and Maintaining Partnerships (PDF)
  7. Pick a Platform & Evaluate Technical Infrastructure (worksheet)
  8. Design and build content together, iteratively (worksheet)
  9. Test and evaluate with audiences and stakeholders constantly
  10. Communicating with and Involving Audiences & Stakeholders(worksheet)

Many of these issues are discussed in great detail in Building Histories of the National Mall: