Discussion of podcasts:

  • Which did you listen to?
  • How are they structured?
  • What makes a good podcast?
  • What makes a bad podcast?
  • What work do you think went into each one?
  • Why would you make one?


Hosts (Dan Cohen, Amanda French, Mills Kelly, Stephen Robertson, and Tom Scheinfeldt) are joined by various guests for a discussion of how digital media and technology are affecting learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, libraries, and museums.


    1. Research
      • content development
      • theme/subject matter
      • timely, meaningful, useful


    1. Prep:
      • Narrow content
      • Edit/prepare stories or script
      • Develop structure/segments
    2. Recording:
      • The importance of technology and location
      • Call-in discussion from different places

    1. Post-Processing:
      • Notes on discussion
      • Editing audio
      • Creating/producing


    1. Posting:
      • Creating a narrative summary of the podcast
      • Creating links to sources, tagging
      • Uploading files